In our unique veterinarian clinic at CLINIVET Turre our veterinarian service gives your pet the best possible attention. Our fully qualified team gives you the best quality treatment any pet could dream of. Further on our team is very experienced. Working for the shelter of PAWS/Patas and a number of Spanish shelters on the fields of Spay and Neuter and general trauma surgery we can safely say that experience is one of our greatest assets.  We have at your disposition a variety of research means and are able to give your pet the best possible diagnosis.

For your benefit and to avoid unwanted waiting times, we provide a service based on appointment. Just call 950 069 780 and make an appointment at a time most convenient for you. If you are unable to come to our clinic we will come on a house visit. If your pet needs hospitalization we will pick it up and bring it back once your pet is better!

We offer the following services:

Program of vaccinations and anti parasites

General surgery

Oncology treatments

Internal medicine

General pathology

Spay or Neutering

RX Radiographies

Clinical analysis

Diagnostic testing

Teeth cleaning

Foods, special nutrition’s etc

Severe wound treatments

Animal behavior problems

House calls

Urgent calls for veterinarian assistance can be made any day of the week. Including Saturdays and Sundays and this 24 hours a day! Just call 626 171 999